Drs. Barry and Debbie Klein are thrilled to have a helpful, knowledgeable staff to work alongside them. These dedicated individuals bring a special warmth and comfort to your visit.

Pine Hill Staff


Office Manager; Staff member since 1987
"I've been working for Drs. Klein for many years and have experienced only the utmost professionalism and compassion shown towards their patients. They're great doctors to work for."


Staff member since 1998
"I've been working for Drs. Klein for years and I love it! We are like one big happy family – and that feeling extends to our patients as well."


Staff member since 2014
"I've worked at other medical offices before and although I've only worked for Drs. Barry & Debra Klein a short time, I feel like I found a very unique working environment. It is a very professional, yet friendly and relaxed office where the doctors, staff and patients are treated like family."

Florence Staff


Office Manager; Staff member since 1990
"Over the years, the doctors and staff have become my second family. I enjoy seeing patients and helping the office run smoothly. It's a great job!"


Staff member since 2002
"It's great working with doctors who have as much experience and expertise as Drs. Barry and Debbie Klein do, and it's great to see their friendly attitudes extend to staff and patients alike."

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