Each year 60,000 Americans discover they have diabetes, and tens of thousands more have the disease without knowing it.

Vascular disease, which impairs blood circulation to the limbs, is a major complication of diabetes. Because the feet are farthest from the heart and often lack sufficient blood supply to heal wounds and fight infection, the most devastating complications are often discovered there.

Neuropathy of the peripheral nerves is another major complication for diabetics, often causing numbness in the feet.

Diabetes can result in damage to the blood vessels and nerves. These changes can result in a decreased ability to sense trauma or pressure on the foot. A foot injury could go unnoticed until severe infection develops. Additionally, diabetes alters the body's immune system, thus decreasing the bodies ability to fight infection. Small infections can rapidly progress to death of the skin and other tissues (necrosis), necessitating amputation.

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Note: This year alone, nearly 15,000 people with diabetes will undergo foot, toe or leg amputations. Diabetics should have routine foot examinations by their podiatist at least once or twice a year.