Don’t Neglect the Pain of a Stubbed Toe

Stubbing the toe is a common injury especially when going barefoot. A stubbed toe is extra painful because the toes don’t have a lot of fatty tissue to absorb trauma. Also the toes have extra nerve endings that send pain information to the central nervous system fast. Ouch! Even though stubbed toes are quite painful they are usually not very serious.

However, don’t ignore your stubbed toe if the pain persists especially with pressure, or if there is swelling, discoloration or an abnormal toe appearance. These can be signs that the toe is fractured. It’s best to have a broken toe assessed by a foot doctor. Call Klein Foot and Ankle Specialists to get the right treatment and to rule out other trauma like dislocation, tendon injury, contusion or ligament sprain.

Special note if you suspect your child has a toe fracture: osteomyelitis, or bone inflammation, may result if treatment is delayed. It’s important to bring your child in to our office immediately if you believe the toe is broken.

A Stubbed Toe Can Cause Other Complications

Even if the toe isn’t broken it may be more injured than you think. Don’t ignore symptoms that point to other complications.

Osteoarthritis can appear months or even years after an injury to the big toe. Any trauma like dropping a heavy object on it or stubbing the toe can result in this painful and chronic condition.

A stubbed toe can have broken skin too. In this case, infection can result especially if the injured toe had an ingrown toenail. For a patient with diabetes, this can be a serious problem as it can cause bone infection or a foot ulcer.

Assessing and Treating Stubbed Toes

The pain from a stubbed toe shouldn’t last more than a day. If pain continues or if the toe looks discolored, swollen or deformed, contact us for an appointment. We will carefully examine your foot and toes and compare them with the healthy foot. If necessary, we will take x-rays here in the office.

If the toe is fractured we will stabilize it by taping or splinting the toe. A post-op shoe or boot will help to keep it immobile. In very serious cases surgery may be recommended based on the location of the fracture or if any bone fragments are near a joint.

Contact Us for Pain from a Stubbed Toe

We are here to help! Dr. Barry Klein and Dr. Debra Klein, board certified podiatrists have the right expertise to diagnose and treat your painful toe condition. You can reach our Pine Hill office at 856-783-3366 or our Florence office at 609-499-1181 to make an appointment, or contact us via email. Toe trauma complications won’t heal by themselves so take action today.