Pain in the Ball of Your Foot? You May Have Morton’s Neuroma

Nerve damage in the feet can be the cause of pain and also numbness. If you have pain localized to the ball of your foot, or if you sometimes feel that you are walking with a stone in your shoe, you may have Morton’s neuroma.

Usually a neuroma is a benign tumor growing on a nerve that is made of nerve fibers. But Morton’s neuroma isn’t really a tumor at all. Instead, it is thickening tissue that surrounds the nerve leading to the toes and often forms between the third and fourth toes.

Symptoms and Risks of Morton’s Neuroma

Unlike other tumors, you won’t see any lump on the outside of the foot. Morton’s neuroma causes pain as well as a burning sensation in the toe area, or a general feeling of discomfort or numbness.

Morton’s neuroma arises when the nerve is compressed or injured. Women suffer from this condition more often than men, primarily because of wearing tight shoes that squeeze the toes. Wearing high heels exacerbates the problem because more weight is shifted onto the toes.

Any sport that causes repetitive trauma to the feet can cause a Morton’s neuroma like running and jumping. Other activities that require tight shoes like rock climbing and skiing may also trigger this problem. If you have certain foot deformities like flatfeet, high arches or hammertoes, you may be at a higher risk.

Treating Morton’s Neuroma

Left untreated, this condition can become worse and even cause permanent damage. Please contact Klein Foot and Ankle Specialists if you have symptoms like numbness or pain in your toes. We will examine your foot and take x-rays right in our office to rule out arthritis or a stress fracture.

Non-invasive treatments work in 80% of patients with Morton’s neuroma:

Switch to comfortable shoes with roomy toe areas and low heels. The nerve may heal itself if the toes have more room.

Corticosteroid injections can reduce inflammation and swelling.

We will fit you for orthotics to separate and lift the bones, reducing pressure on the nerve.

If these conservative treatments don’t relieve the pain and numbness, we will discuss nerve removal surgery with you.

You can avoid Morton’s neuroma by keeping your high heels tucked away your closet. Instead, choose shoes with a roomy toe box. During our examination we can evaluate how your shoes are wearing and your gait to help you select the best shoe style for your condition.

Don’t Live with the Pain of Morton’s Neuroma

Nerve damage requires the services of a professional. Call Dr. Barry Klein and Dr. Debra Klein, board certified podiatrists today for an evaluation appointment. You can reach our Pine Hill office at 856-783-3366 or our Florence office at 609-499-1181 or via email. Don’t wait to relieve your discomfort – call today!