You Can Find Relief from Itchy Athlete’s Foot

Congratulations if you’ve ramped up your workout routine as a New Year’s resolution! Regular exercise can help control your weight, boost energy, fight some diseases and even give you better sleep.

But if you exercise at public pools and gyms, you have a greater chance of contracting fungal infections like athlete’s foot. This very contagious fungus loves moist warm environments like the wet floors of locker rooms, showers and pools, as well as your sweaty socks and shoes. You can even pick it up by using an infected person’s shoes or towel.

You’ll soon know it if you have athlete’s foot because it causes an itchy, burning rash especially between the toes. Alternatively, the skin can be dry like eczema or ulcers or blisters can emerge.

Left untreated, the fungal infection can spread to your hands and other locations on your body. In fact, the same fungus causes jock itch.

Treating Athlete’s Foot

  • Although there are many over-the-counter medications for athlete’s foot including antifungal powders, lotions and sprays, these give only temporary relief. Even if they do stop the itch there’s a good chance that the fungal infection will return.

  • The best step to take if you suspect that you have athlete’s foot is to call Klein Foot and Ankle Specialists. We will carefully examine the skin of both feet and treat any condition that we find. For athlete’s foot, we’ll prescribe a topical medicine to relieve itching and advance healing. If your case is more serious, oral medication can supplement the topical treatment for faster relief.

The Best Treatment for Athlete’s Foot is Prevention!

It’s easy to prevent the itch and pain of athlete’s foot with these common-sense precautions:

  1. Never go barefoot in public pools, locker rooms and showers. Protect your feet with shower shoes or flip-flops.

  • Don’t share shoes with anyone and don’t use any towel that’s not your own.

  • Opt for shoes that are well-ventilated and made of breathable material like leather.

  • If shoes or socks get damp or sweaty, change them as soon as possible.

  • Alternate your shoes to let them dry out thoroughly between wearings.

  • It’s a good habit to let your feet air out at home.

  • Apply powder to your feet regularly – especially between the toes – to absorb perspiration.

Don’t Suffer from the Itching and Pain of Athlete’s Foot

There’s no need to suffer from frequent bouts of athlete’s foot – relief is available from Dr. Barry Klein and Dr. Debra Klein, board certified podiatrists. Please call our Pine Hill office at 856-783-3366 or our Florence office at 609-499-1181 or request an appointment via email. The sooner you visit our office, the quicker you’ll be on your way to your workout free of itchy fungal infection!